Since Telegram first published its original source code for TON in May 2019, a global, open-source community of blockchain enthusiasts and developers has united around TON technology. As a group, we are passionate about TON’s potential to create a self-governed and fully decentralized internet.

Today, Telegram is handing over the original domain name of the TON project to our community, recognizing our role in carrying out Telegram’s original vision for the project.

As the TON Community, we represent a team of independent developers and enthusiasts who are executing Telegram’s earliest intentions for TON: a scalable blockchain-based network capable of meeting the needs of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Members of our team have been involved in TON from its earliest inception, winning Telegram’s blockchain contests in 2018 and 2019.

While we are saddened that Telegram has been forced to withdraw its involvement from the TON project, we will continue to align ourselves with Telegram’s original intentions for TON as we further our work on its development.

As a group, we believe in TON’s potential to create a better, more equitable internet. The TON network was designed to host a new generation of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications with the goal of placing people-focused technology into the hands of consumers.

Today, the TON community has brought TON one step closer to that goal. Our team has stabilized and tested the TON network, added critical features to the blockchain core, created bridges to other blockchains, and released wallets for multiple operating systems including iOS and Android.

Additionally, our community participates in mining of the network’s primary asset, native tokens called TON Coins, which were distributed through an open, decentralized Proof-of-Work mining process. In the upcoming months, we plan to announce TON’s integration with a number of blockchain companies.

We are proud to carry on Telegram’s vision for this project and we look forward to our continued work on the next chapter in developing TON.

TON Community

August 3, 2021