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Participate as a Contributor

To become a contributor who receives a limited Hack-TON-berfest NFT, please set up your own TON Wallet and verify your GitHub account.

Start your journey

  1. Set up any wallet from the page. (TON Wallet extension, for example.)
  2. Please provide your wallet address to the @toncontests_bot in Telegram.
  3. Validate your GitHub account in the same bot.

After these steps you are ready to contribute and receive a limited Hack-TON-berfest NFT.

Welcome to the club, this is just the beginning!

New to contributing to open source?

Hacktoberfest is a great place to start dipping your toes into open source contributions for the first time. There are plenty of streams, posts, guides, and discussions about to get started. You’ll be joining many folks who are also starting their journey this month!

How can I contribute to TON?

The TON Ecosystem has several organizations and repositories:

List of projects looking for contributors