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Participate as a Maintainer

The Hacktoberfest event is the best time of year to receive support from the community!

If your repository is relevant to the TON Ecosystem, many contributors will be interested in it. Let's help them dive right into your project!

Prepare to party

To handle contributors in the right way, you need to have a repository in good standing.

Follow these best practices to prepare your project for contributions:

  1. Add the “hacktoberfest” topic to your repository to OPT-IN TO HACKTOBERFEST and indicate you are looking for contributions.
  2. Apply the “hacktoberfest” label to issues you want contributors to help you with in your GitHub or GitLab project.
  3. Please read and use the essential tips for new open source maintainers by TON Society.
  4. Prepare to accept legitimate pull/merge requests by merging them, leaving an overall approving review, or adding the "hacktoberfest-accepted" label.
  5. Reject any spam requests you receive by labeling them as “spam,” and close or label any other invalid contributions as "invalid."

Here is an example of a full repository: ton-community/ton-compiler

After that, feel free to add your repository to the list.

Rewards for Maintainers

As a repository maintainer in the TON Ecosystem, you will be able to receive two types of rewards:

  1. Hacktoberfest Reward Kit (see REWARD FOR MAINTAINERS)
  2. Limited Hack-TON-berfest NFT (please, register the wallet address in the @toncontests_bot)

How to join and be listed?

To participate in Hack-TON-berfest follow this link:

Add a repository to the list