Hack-a-TONх program

Organize a hackathon with the TON Foundation team for your community.

What is Hack-a-TONx

This is a chance to organize a hackathon with the support of TON Foundation team for your community. TON Foundation team will provide you with the financial support and organizational expertise.
Holding a Hack-a-TONx is an opportunity for the local community to dive into TON ecosystem, learn how to build own projects on TON, find some sponsorship and get a piece of advice from main TON contributors.

Our goals and aims

Before applying, please, make sure that your objectives meets our vision.
Welcome talents to the TON Community.
Stimulate the creation of web3 on the TON blockchain.
Encourage developers ideas dedicated to TON.
Decentralisation of TON-developers community.
Develop all the TON tools and documentation.
Support language development.

Organizational requirements

To become an organizer of Hack-a-TONx there are several criteria.
Organizational skill
Of holding hackathons, conferences, meetups etc.
Local community
That will be interested in Hack-a-TONx.
Competition design
Proper tracks, evaluation criteria, pitching process and etc.
Marketing strategy
Invite newbi or experienced team participate at Hack-a-TONx.
Venue for coding
With all the facilities: stable internet, comfort work zones.
Educational track
For participants to dive into TON ecosystem.

Apply for the Hack-a-TONx
Apply for the Hack-a-TONx

Fill out the form answering several question. If your application meets the requirements, we will contact you.
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