The TON Foundation invites talent to imagine and host community-building initiatives that have the potential to elevate TON.

Our vision

Our vision is to expand an ecosystem of users empowered by personal sovereignty, unbound capital, and freedom of expression. We achieve this through allocating capital to critical projects, connecting ecosystem participants, and increasing network adoption.
We support community-building initiatives that raise developer awareness and expand TON.

TON is for Community

We support community building events and look to sponsor contributors actively expanding the ecosystem via events.
Sponsorships are for:
  • Teams organizing events that bring together builders on TON.
  • Teams running channels and contributing recap posts for the community that was not in attendance.
Sponsorships aren't for:
  • Individual NFT projects (see 3rd party grants, e.g., Getgems).
  • Budget for unofficial get-togethers.
  • Channels geared towards marketing or news project.

Areas of interest

Non commercial-use developments we are seeking to fund are as follows:
Supporting media resources.
Developer events
Hackathons, hacker house and etc.
TON specific channels
For the builder community.
Promotional events
Exhibitions, conferences, and etc.

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