TON Wallet Challenge

The contest with a prize pool of $60,000 for Android, iOS, and desktop developers will last until 22 May 18:00 UTC.

The goal of the contest

Your goal is to create updated versions of TON wallets. TON Wallet is an open-source non-custodial wallet and is an essential part of the TON blockchain ecosystem. Final implementations should include features listed below and should follow provided mockups as closely as possible. The winning implementation may replace the current versions of TON Wallet.
The competition is held for three different platforms: iOS, Android, and Desktop. Desktop applications should support three major platforms: macOS, Windows, and Linux.

About the task

You should create TON Wallet application for the chosen platform using provided mockups. Your application should support these main features:

  • Creation of a new wallet or importing an existing one using a recovery phrase
  • Secure wallet lock using a passcode or biometrics on supported platforms
  • Main screen with the user’s Toncoin balance and transactions
  • “Receive Toncoin” screen with QR code
  • Ability to send Toncoin directly by address, by scanning QR code or TON DNS
  • Support different wallet versions
  • TON Connect 2.0 support

The full description of the task and evaluation criteria are available on GitHub.


The source code of original TON Wallet for iOS, Android and Desktop is available on GitHub and can be used for the contest

Official TON Docs

TON DNS standard

How to submit

  • Provide a repository with your project to the @toncontests_bot
  • Repository must contain step-by-step build instructions
  • For Desktop and Android provide builds
  • The repository should be under MIT license
  • The repository must be public at the time of the submission deadline

Join the contest

Start the challenge and find all the main resources below.
Contests Bot
Task description
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