Some TON-based Projects

  1. Grampay Commerce
    A marketplace for Sellers and Buyers with escrow payments and a dispute system. Use a Telegram bot to create your shop and start selling your products for Grams.
  2. TON Goods
    An ecosystem for selling and buying goods using the TON Blockchain.
  3. TON Decentralized Exchange
    Decentralized exchange that supports for Grams, built-in extra currencies, custom workchains and TRC20 tokens (like Ethereums ERC20 tokens).
  4. TON Auction
    A platform for auctions and trade. Sell items or create auctions for everyone to participate. Supports three types of auctions: open English auction, first-price and second-price sealed-bid blind auctions.
  5. TON Gambling
    A platform for virtual games. Currently supports Lottery and Blackjack, but the code can be re-used to add more games.
  6. OracleHub
    A platform allowing smartcontracts to interact with the outside world, a martketplace of data-providers.
  7. Conditional Transfer Contract
    A decentralized smart contract that collects Grams and releases them when a specific condition is met. Can be used for escrow, crowdfunding, custody, splitting, etc.
  8. Data Storage Proxy
    A data storage proxy contract that stores data and allows using it, respecting the data owner, access rights and other attributes.
  9. TON American Roulette
    A web client for an American-style roulette on the TON Blockchain.
  10. TON Roulette Lottery
    Roulette-style lottery. Buy squares on the playing field and wait for the end of the round to get returns from 0 to 1259% on the price of your squares.
  11. TokeTON
    Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising for various projects using the Gram cryptocurrency.
  12. TON Pool
    Pool funds in the TON blockchain network for a specified purpose – like creating a validator or buying a present for someone – and redistribute the returns proportionally, if any.
  13. The Chat Game
    A game based on various RPG mechanics, including collectible items. User inventories are implemented as an open registry on the TON Blockchain, allowing users to hoard, transfer and subject their items to arbitrary complex operations governed by smartcontracts.
  14. TON Register
    A system for teachers and students for keeping a register of school marks on the TON Blockchain.
  15. ERC20 Tokens ported to TON
    Illustrates the capabilities of the TON blockchain through a smart contract for issuing fungible ERC20 tokens. The smart contract can be easily modified to support a token sale.
  16. Crypto Sender
    Experimental encrypted messenger for Android using the TON Blockchain. Allows exchanging on-chain messages with contacts as well sending cryptocurrency.