Contribute to network security

TON is a Proof-of-Stake network. It means that its security and stability are maintained by Validators. Anyone can become a validator or join the validators pool. As a result, you will acquire Toncoin while helping to secure the network.

Stake in Validator pools

Validators require an extensive amount of Toncoin for operation. However, you can help secure the network even if you have a little amount of Toncoin by joining Validator pools. Smart contracts ensure that you have complete control over your funds and rewards for network maintenance.
Ton Whales
Minimum amount to participate:
50 TON
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TON Validators
Minimum amount to participate:
10,000 TON
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Become a Validator

As a Validator, you will verify network transactions, share transaction fees and network maintenance rewards. Becoming a Validator requires meeting high hardware and network throughput requirements.
Minimum amount to participate:
300,000 TON
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