TON coin - native coin of The Open Network.

Getting TON Coins

to mine before PoW Givers are not dry

if you have Wrapped TONCOIN in Ethereum or BSC

and get your revenues

TON Coins at third-pary services

Wait for TON Storage, TON Proxy and TON DNS

to join them and earn coins

TON Coin Uses

As the ecosystem expands, we see a huge potential of TON coin and numerous ways for it to work in the new economy. We expect it to go beyond a means of payment.

  • Stakes deposited by validators to be eligible to validate transactions and generate new blocks and coins.
  • Voting power to support or oppose changes in the parameters of the protocol.
  • Income (gas) paid to validator nodes as reward for processing transactions and smart contracts under the PoS consensus.
  • Loans to validators extended against a share of their reward.
  • Payment for services and options implemented by TON Services, TON Storage, TON DNS, TON Proxy, TON WWW. In particular, for bypassing censorship, storing data, hiding identity, using blockchain-based domain names.


Wrapped token in Ethereum network.

Transfers of TON coins between networks are available for anyone at

Transfers go through a decentralized bridge smart contract managed by proof-of-stake oracles.

When transfers between networks, tokens in one network are locked / burned, and in another network they are minted / unlocked.

Thus, the total supply of TON coins does not change, 1 ERC20 TONCOIN is equal 1 native TON Coin.