The principal cryptocurrency of the TON Blockchain, and in particular of its masterchain and basic workchain, is the Toncoin


while PoW givers are not dry

and earn coins

and get your revenues

Wait for TON Storage, TON Sites, TON DNS

to join them and earn coins

Use decentralized Bridge to transfer Toncoins between networks

  • Wrapped TONCOIN in Ethereum
  • Wrapped TONCOIN in Binance Smart Chain
1 TONCOIN Wrapped
1 Toncoin Native

Usecases for Toncoin

As the ecosystem expands, we see a huge potential of Toncoin and numerous ways for it to work in the new economy. We expect it to go beyond a means of payment.

  • Commission («gas») paid for processing transactions and smart contracts
  • Cross-chain transactions commission in The Open Network
  • Payment for services provided by apps built on the platform (TON Services)
  • Payment for storing data securely in a decentralized way (TON Storage)
  • Payment for registering blockchain-based domain names (TON DNS) and hosting TON-sites (TON WWW)
  • Payment for TON Proxy
  • Payment for creating extra currencies
  • Payment for creating new workchains
  • Stakes deposited by validators to be eligible to validate transactions and generate new blocks and coins
  • Capital lent out to validators in exchange for a share of their reward
  • Voting power required to support or oppose changes in the parameters of the protocol