Send Digital Dollars to anyone, anywhere.

Digital Dollars on TON are based on USDT, a US dollar backed stablecoin. Now you can send and receive them right in Telegram. As easy as sending a message.

Zero fees.

When you send USDT through Telegram, you do not have to pay any transaction fees.

Instant transactions

Transactions made with USDT on Telegram are direct and instant.

People not addresses

You can send USDT to your Telegram contacts without a wallet address.

Send USDT in 3 easy steps with Wallet in Telegram

Get Started with Wallet
Buy USDT using bank card or P2P market
Transfer to your friend on Telegram
Your friend can withdraw it or use in TON

Use USDT across TON Ecosystem

USDT isn’t just a stable medium to exchange currency. It’s also widely accepted for many cases across TON’s ecosystem in Telegram.

Monetize your audience

Earn from subscriptions and donations to your community.

Connecton VPN

Fast, anonymous, and user-friendly VPN.

Crypto for your games

Buy digital services and top up the balance of your favorite platforms.

Anonymous eSIM

Affordable and secure mobile internet provider for home & travel.

Storm Trade Everything

Leverage trade crypto, forex & commodities in Telegram.

Lend and borrow is easy

Deposit, earn or select a loan amount, and enjoy it on Telegram.

Transfer your USDT to TON network

USDT on TON is widely accepted

Buy, exchange, withdraw and transfer USDT on TON on popular services.

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