Accept payments worldwide directly

With payments based on TON blockchain, you are able to accept Toncoin or any Jettons worldwide, without intermediates and at low fees.

Connect TON with your site or service

Use one of 3rd-party services to start accepting TON in your business without extra development efforts.

Start accepting crypto payments in Telegram

Track your orders statistics and easily withdraw your funds to Wallet.

Process TON payments in your code

Accepting Toncoin
Learn how to send and receive digital assets in TON Blockchain.
Accepting Jettons
Learn how to send and receive distributed tokens (Jettons) in TON Blockchain.

All transactions are protected

All transactions are protected by advanced cryptography and cannot be altered or hacked by third parties. Also, you can analyze all transactions with Tonguard – the first cloud-based solution for TON, which provides AI-driven tools for advanced monitoring.

Accept TON payments directly

Set up your TON wallet

Choose and setup any TON wallet which will be convenient for you.

Receive payments

Choose Receive option in your wallet to accept payments from other persons.

Use or exchange Toncoin

Use Toncoin in apps and services or exchange it with other crypto or fiat currencies.