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Telegram Mini Apps is an open platform for businesses to build and deploy crypto-friendly apps and games

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Why build apps on Telegram and TON?

Telegram Mini Apps are a new and convenient way for businesses to engage with audiences directly within Telegram's user-friendly interface.

Telegram Mini Apps support seamless authorization, integrated crypto and fiat payments (via Google Pay and Apple Pay), tailored push notifications, and more.

How Telegram Mini Apps work

Your app can gain access to millions of Telegram users due to one-click app launch, direct advertising, viral and retention mechanics based on the messenger.

Become visible for your audience with Telegram Apps Center

Launch your Telegram Mini App on the Apps Center and unlock access to 800 million Telegram audience.
Become visible for your audience with Telegram Apps Center

Telegram Apps Center is the one-stop destination for a variety of tools, utilities, and games, all united within Telegram's ecosystem. Launched and maintained by passionate Telegram enthusiasts with the help of the TON Foundation.

Get access to Telegram's user base

TON projects have exclusive access to Telegram Ads and can kickstart a performance marketing campaign with Telegram Ads to effectively acquire more users.
Get access to Telegram's user base

Telegram Ads is a new advertising platform for businesses based on Telegram.

  • Every month, Telegram’s 800M+ users generate
 over 500 billion channel views.
  • You can show your sponsored messages
 in large public channels with 1000+ subscribers.
  • Get access to Telegram Ads platform with our
 trusted partner – Magnetto.

Community growth & engagement tools

The Community app is a powerful, Telegram-native toolset designed to help you grow your groups, channels, and applications.

Discover the unique potential of viral user acquisition in Telegram

With Telegram’s intuitive sharing mechanism for Mini Apps and content, any content that stands out can quickly become a sensation.

Easy user onboarding with Wallet

Wallet is self-custody crypto wallet on Telegram that helps you seamlessly onboard new users to your project.
Easy user onboarding with Wallet

Wallet is a TON-based platform with over 2.5 million users. It turned Telegram Messenger into a Web3 wallet and lets you easily manage your digital finances.

Wallet allows you to seamlessly onboard new users to your project using only Telegram Messenger.

Use TON Connect to add Wallet support and enable communication between Wallet and your apps in the TON ecosystem.

Monetize your app using Wallet Pay

Wallet Pay is the primary payment system for Telegram Mini Apps, supporting both crypto and fiat transactions. Monitor your order statistics and easily withdraw funds.

Launch your project with confidence

Tonstarter is a launch platform that helps TON-based projects incubate, fundraise, and market themselves.

TON Foundation grants

TON Foundation offers a grants program to support developers who are building within the Telegram Web3 ecosystem.

Ready, set, build!

Create your app
Build your app using Telegram Mini Apps as a front.
Add your app to Apps Center
List your app on the Telegram Apps Center to make sure your project gets seen and used.
Join the Telegram Developers Community
Get access to resources, insights, and network of like-minded builders to grow your app.
Accelerate your business
Team up with Open Builders, launch Community Sale, and get listed on CEX & DEX.