Toncoin: The future of currency

Toncoin is TON's native cryptocurrency. It is used for network operations, transactions, games or collectibles built on TON.

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Toncoin (TON)
+0.67% last 24h
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The history of Toncoin

TON roadmap
November 2019

Telegram Open Network testnet2 is launched. 5b coins are minted, with a small fraction (1.45%) distributed to developers and testers.

May 2020

After the SEC prohibited Telegram from issuing Grams to investors, Telegram ceased its work on the TON ecosystem. testnet2 tokens are placed into 20 Proof of Work Giver smart contracts.

May 2021

By majority vote of network participants, testnet2 was promoted to mainnet. Coins continue to be distributed by Proof of Work Giver contracts.

June 2022

After the initial distribution of coins, TON enters a new stage, increasing the number of validators and coins involved in validation, which leads to strengthening the stability and security of the network.

Works on Proof-of-Stake network

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Total supply
0.6% annual inflation rate.
Accounts on TON
+191% over last 6 months.
Validator’s stake
to maintain the blockchain.

Unlocking freedom with Decentralized Finance

Nominator pools
Use Toncoin for contribution to network security.
Buy and trade
Swap currencies on decentralized exchanges.
Cross-chain transfers
Transfer your tokens from Ethereum to TON.
Accept payments effortlessly
You are able to accept Toncoin worldwide, directly and at low fees.

Use cases for Toncoin

Processing fee for transactions smart contracts.
Payments services provided by apps built on the platform.
Contributing to network security via staking.
Cross-chain transaction fees.
Toncoin is integral TON's on-chain governance program.
Payment for blockchain-based domain names (DNS).
Validators’ stakes required to maintain the blockchain.
Payment for TON Proxy.
Payment for data storage decentralized.