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Why build games on TON

Access 800 million Telegram users

The Telegram API for TWAs allows games to be launched and played seamlessly within the main Telegram app, ensuring a smooth user experience.

User acquisition & retention

Using Telegram as a distribution channel gives you access to a wide range of traditional Web2 tools for user acquisition and retention.

Fast and cheap blockchain

TON can process over 1,000,000 transactions per second while maintaining low fees, with the dApp acting as the user interface for TON Ecosystem.

Easy registration & authorization

TON Connect 2.0 enables dApps to connect with user wallets, ensuring secure communication and interaction.

Community building tools

Create Telegram channels or groups to effectively manage your community and use a wide range of features to keep your members updated.


You can monetize games by selling NFTs, creating in-game tokens, or accepting payments for additional features.

Support at every stage of development

Technical support

TGA members can help with the integration process and address any technical and business issues during regular weekly calls.

Marketing support

When your game is ready to launch, TGA can help with social media coverage.

Grants and networking

After gathering initial traction, TGA members can help you scale with Telegram Ad grants, listings, and networking.

Investments and intros

For games with a prominent user base, TGA members can invest in your game or introduce you to venture capital funds.

Join TON Gaming Alliance

This group of game and infrastructure developers and implementers supports and develops the gaming landscape on TON ecosystem.

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