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Why build games on TON

Access to 800 million Telegram users

Users can interact with games seamlessly. The Telegram API for creating TWAs allows you to create a user experience without leaving the main Telegram app.
Access to 800 million Telegram users

Instead of forcing users to download applications the App Store, Google Play (or binaries like .apk and .exe files), you can offer an experience of launching a game in a in a few clicks with Telegram Web Apps.

Telegram Web Apps is a simple but powerful entry point. They live right inside the messenger with more than 800M monthly users, integrated with bots, a crypto-friendly ads network, and frictionless account management with TON Wallet (all covered later).

Telegram Web Apps can launch a game developed using any existing game engine supporting HTML5 or WebGL – Unity, Phaser, PixiJS, BabylonJS, Cocos2d and others.

User acquisition & retention

Utilizing Telegram as a distribution channel provides access to a wide range of traditional Web2 tools for user acquisition and retention.
User acquisition & retention

Utilizing TON & Telegram provides access to a wide range of traditional and innovative tools for user acquisition and retention. It includes:

TON Games Bot

Index with all games on TON. Players discover new games at no cost to a developer.

Telegram Ads

Run ad campaigns in 1M+ channels to scale your game to over 700M Telegram users.


Push notifications delivered right in the messenger have higher open rates than native notifications in games.

Fast and cheap blockchain

TON is capable of processing more than 1,000,000 transactions per second while keeping fees low.The dApp serves as the user interface for TON ecosystem.
Fast and cheap blockchain

The Open Network (TON) blockchain, crafted by the Telegram team in 2020, embodies a focus on delivering swift and seamless scalability, fostering enhanced cost-effectiveness, and ensuring a smooth user experience.

There are four main characteristics that any blockchain should possess for their potential gaming audience: scalability, decentralization, transaction speed, and cost efficiency. TON addresses every aspect.

Easy registration & authorization

With TON Connect 2.0, dApps can connect to users' wallets, facilitating secure communication and interaction.
Easy registration & authorization

Wallets serve as one of the fundamental building blocks of blockchains. Players must have a wallet linked to their account, which acts as a gateway to handle digital assets and tokens within the blockchain ecosystem.

The primary wallet in the TON ecosystem is the Wallet bot right in Telegram, which provides all needed functionality for a player – account creation, purchases, on-ramp, asset management.

There are other wallets available in the TON ecosystem. Those can be easily integrated using TON Connect 2.0.

Community building tools

Create Telegram channels or groups to manage your community. With a wide list of features, members won't miss your updates.
Community building tools

Telegram channels are tools for broadcasting your public messages to large audiences. They offer a unique opportunity to reach people directly, sending a notification to their phones with each post. Examples — @Bloomberg, @toncoin.

Telegram groups are a powerful tool for building communities and can support up to 200,000 members each. Group admins can inform all members about important news using pinned messages that are displayed at the top of the chat screen. All members will get a notification — even if they muted ordinary messages from the group.


You can monetize the game by selling NFTs, create in-game tokens, or accept payment for additional features.

Telegram and TON allow developers to create and launch high-quality games, grow audiences, retain players, and monetize. Monetization best practices vary depending on the genre of a game, but in general there are 3 most common revenue sources for games in the TON ecosystem:

NFT sales

Primary sales of NFTs using crypto or on-ramp solutions. Secondary market with royalties.

In-game tokens

Fungible tokens (jettons) can be minted, sold, and listed on DEXes.

In-app ads

Any game can be monetized by showing ads to its players.

Support at every stage of development

Technical support
TGA members can help with the integration process and address any technical and business issues during regular weekly calls.
Marketing support
When your game is ready to launch, TGA can help with social media coverage.
Grants and networking
After gathering initial traction, TGA members can help you scale with Telegram Ad Grants, listings, and networking.
Investments and intros
For games with a prominent user base, TGA members can invest in your game or introduce you to venture capital funds.

Join TON Gaming Alliance

This group of game and infrastructure developers and implementers supports and develops the gaming landscape on TON ecosystem.