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TON Foundation recognises the importance of community tokens and memecoins. We strongly believe that creativity, engagement and fun are the key ingredients for community growth.

What's in it for memecoins and their fans?

TON memecoin creators fully leverage the power of Telegram

Mint memecoins, make pre-sales and airdrops, and create mini apps to introduce utility — all inside your favourite messenger.

Memecoins compete in The Open League

Open Battle for TON projects where they fight for large seasonal prizes based on good performance.

Memecoins benefit from increased visibility in TON official channels

Useful tools by TON Community for memecoin creators & fans


Use no-code solutions or deploy from scratch.


Pick one of TON launchpads


Reward your community with an airdrop with no-code tools.

Lock LP tokens

Do it right and lock your LP tokens

Track & check

Always keep your eyes open and do your own research.

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