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Toncoin is distributed by PoW Givers which are smart contracts with certain amount of Toncoin assigned to them.

How Mining works in TON

The TON Blockchain uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. As such, mining is not required to generate new blocks. However, Toncoin was initially distributed via special Proof of Work Giver smart contracts - best thought of as a premine. Mining is used to obtain Toncoin from this smart contract. Anyone can mine against the PoW Giver contracts and receive Toncoin from them, but PoW Giver contracts have their limits and will dry out once users mine all available Toncoin. This is expected to happen in late summer, 2022.

Mining software

Total Hash Rate

Hashes processed by miners per second. Anyone can mine PoW Givers and receive Toncoin from them.

Operation principles

Putting it in layman’s terms, in any moment of time the PoW Giver contract has a computational puzzle, a challenge. Resolving it is rewarded by a fixed number of coins. Then a new challenge is generated.
The only way to resolve the challenge is brute-force numbers which takes serious computational resources.
If a puzzle is solved earlier than expected, the PoW Giver contract increases the complexity level, meaning more power is needed to solve it. And if solving took too much time, the complexity level is reduced. Thus, the PoW Giver contract maintains a stable number of coins distributed per day.
The more users participate in the process, the harder the puzzle - since not only do you have to find the solution, you also have to do it faster than other participants.

How is it implemented

Miners use software that brute-forces mathematical problems and sends suggested solutions to PoW Giver contracts. The higher the performance of a miner's system, the more chance their is of it winning coins.
The more miners there are in the network, the higher mining computational complexity is and the more computational power is required to mine Toncoin.

Mining Status

The more computing power added to mining, the greater the total hash rate and the harder the puzzle.
GeForce RTX 3090
GeForce RTX 3080
Supermicro H11DSI, 2x EPYC
GeForce RTX 3060