Grants & Bounties

TON Foundation is inviting talent to imagine and bring to life projects with the potential to seamlessly integrate into users' everyday lives.


TON supports talent by rewarding valuable contributors and providing opportunities for hundreds of builders to put their skills and knowledge to the test while developing TON Ecosystem.

The bounty program covers following community initiatives:

  • Contributions to Developers tooling and frequently used smart contracts
  • Community tools
  • Creating educational materials
  • Enhancing onboarding resources

Program guidelines


TON Foundation offers comprehensive support to projects with the potential for mass adoption, bringing a unique proposition to the TON Ecosystem or enhancing the TON infrastructure.

Our main focus is on products with a strong social element, simple and straightforward onboarding, and welcoming user experience to effectively attract and retain Web2 users, particularly existing Telegram users.

1. Telegram Mini Apps (TMA): Social Web3 inside Telegram

This category is for social B2C applications built within Telegram with a clear vision of achieving virality and attracting and retaining users.


  • SocialFi: TMAs that help creators monetize their social media content (e.g., FriendTech-like product or a tool that helps crypto channel owners earn on sharing successful trades/new token launches)
  • Utility: Daily use TMAs that fulfill some functional needs and necessarily use Web3 to improve the daily user experience (e.g., Calendar, Task tracker)
  • Community & Brand Management: tools aimed at engaging communities inside Telegram (e.g., Loyalty programs, Ticketing)

2. GameFi

This category is designed for Web3 games with social viral mechanics, exciting gameplay, and elements that ensure player activity, such as competitiveness or evolving gameplay.

  • Social games in the form of a TMA with viral mechanics and features like sharing with friends, leaderboards, group challenges, and notifications.
  • Standalone games for PC or mobile, preferably with strong social mechanics too.

3. Other

This broad category consists of fully open-source technical projects (e.g., Apache 2.0, MIT or GPLv3 license types), commercial projects that improve the TON infrastructure, including the deployment and interaction across DApps and Telegram Mini Apps, or DeFi projects that significantly improve the current TON Ecosystem.

Steps to apply

Study the TON Grants Program Guidelines

It’s essential that you understand the criteria for participating in the program. Projects not following the guidelines significantly decrease their chances of being approved for a grant.

Explore the TON Ecosystem map

This will help you understand the existing development landscape of dApps and tools on TON, and discover market gaps. By targeting these gaps and proposing a market-fit product, you directly increase your chances of receiving a grant.

Submit your application

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