The TON Foundation invites talent to imagine and realize projects that have the potential to integrate with the daily lives of users.

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TON Foundation provides grants for projects that contribute to TON core infrastructure and introduce new practical use cases.
Our grants program is designed to support a wide range of initiatives:
  • Open-source technical projects
  • Teams that develop unique commercial use cases with a compelling value proposition
  • Integration with other ecosystem players, promoting collaboration and interoperability
TON supports talent. We are helping hundreds of builders to battle-test their skills and knowledge while contributing to public good.

What kind of project are you building?

SDKs, dev tools and educational materials
Creation of new TON SDKs and libraries, contribution to existing dev tools, educational materials, and community tool improvements are welcome on TON Footsteps, an open community initiative that is fast-forwarding support for valuable contributions.
TON Footsteps
Open-source technical projects
Full-fledged non-profit projects that contribute to infrastructure development or provide tools for developers.
Developer tooling products, missing use cases for TON core services, AI use cases, technical research for new standards implementation etc.
Key difference:
  • Fully open-source code under Apache 2.0, MIT or GPLv3 license types
  • Implementing an essential, but missing component of technical infrastructure in TON ecosystem
Unique commercial use cases
Projects that have a clear business model, expands the TON ecosystem, and attracts a new user base. Grants are designed only for those who are not yet ready for business acceleration.
SocialFi products, unique DeFi protocols, and services, solid for-profit use cases of Telegram Web Apps etc.
Key difference:
  • Closed source or open-source with "read-only" or non-commercial use type of licenses (ex. BSL 1.1)
  • Unique business use case utilising TON core services
  • Business model enables sustainability
  • Fully staffed team to deliver the product
Integration with other ecosystem players
We actively seek to foster integration with other ecosystem players, promoting collaboration and interoperability.
Wallets, exchanges, DeFi tools, explorers, infrastructure providers, games etc.

Areas of interest

Decentralized exchanges, yield farming strategies, and novel DeFi primitives.
Play-to-earn models, NFT integrations, and blockchain-based virtual economies.
Financial Inclusion
Micropayments, remittances, and peer-to-peer lending.
Developer Tooling
Tools, frameworks, and libraries for building WebApps.
Cross-Chain Interoperability
Interactions between TON and other blockchains.
Interdisciplinary research
Appliance for artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, healthcare etc.
Research and standards
R&D that driving advancements and best practices on TON.
Governance and DAO tooling
Tools and frameworks empowering decision-making & participation.

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