Welcome to Icon The Open League!

A long-term incentive program for TON users, teams and traders. $40M+ in Toncoin already distributed, and much more to come.

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Total Value Locked
Earn with Liquidity
Projects Competition
DeFi Grants

For you

Choose how you want to take part depending on whether you're a beginner or have experience with Web3.

Mine tokens


Complete easy tasks such as tapping or logging in daily, and invite your friends to earn tokens. Each project offers something straightforward but exciting for you.

Earn rewards for providing liquidity


Put your liquidity in a pool on a DEX and watch your balance grow.

For Projects

Get rewards for attracting new users and contributing to the network adoption.

Join Open Battles

Every season, TON projects compete for a big Toncoin prize pool basing on their KPIs. Show impressive growth and earn your rewards.

Explore The Open League Hackathon

Meet the participants and monitor the final results

Attract liquidity for your token

Participants of the Token Battle can get up to $100,000 in TON per season as rewards for their liquidity providers on STON.fi and DeDust.

Get free Telegram Ads credits

Show good performance in the competition, create simple mining for your users and obtain free traffic for your Telegram Mini App. The key to fast distribution is at arm’s length.

Get up to $500K in grants and user rewards for your DeFi product

Apply for a target grant for DeFi builders and bring your DeFi app to TON.

Launch a memecoin and join Memelandia

Memelandia is a cultural hub for memecoins and community tokens on TON.

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