Welcome to Icon The Open League!

A long-term incentive program for TON users, teams and traders. $40M+ in Toncoin already distributed, and much more to come.

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Total Value Locked
Earn with Liquidity
Projects Competition
DeFi Grants

For you

Choose how you want to take part depending on whether you're a beginner or have experience with Web3.

Mine tokens


Complete easy tasks such as tapping or logging in daily, and invite your friends to earn tokens. Each project offers something straightforward but exciting for you.

Earn rewards for providing liquidity


Put your liquidity in a pool on a DEX and watch your balance grow.

For Projects

Get rewards for attracting new users and contributing to the network adoption.

Join Open Battles

Every season, TON projects compete for a big Toncoin prize pool basing on their KPIs. Show impressive growth and earn your rewards.

Explore The Open League Hackathon

Meet the participants and monitor the final results

Attract liquidity for your token

Participants of the Token Battle can get up to $100,000 in TON per season as rewards for their liquidity providers on STON.fi and DeDust.

Get free Telegram Ads credits

Show good performance in the competition, create simple mining for your users and obtain free traffic for your Telegram Mini App. The key to fast distribution is at arm’s length.

Get up to $500K in grants and user rewards for your DeFi product

Apply for a target grant for DeFi builders and bring your DeFi app to TON.

Launch a memecoin and join Memelandia

Memelandia is a cultural hub for memecoins and community tokens on TON.

Farm rewards for providing liquidity

Each season, up to $1,6M in Toncoin and project tokens is distributed as rewards to liquidity providers. Do your own research and beware of the risks before making any on-chain transactions.

Choose a project

To participate, you need to choose a project you like from the Token Battle. You can do it based on project information and/or the estimated annual percentage yield.

Get tokens

Next, get both project token and Toncoin. If you don’t have the required tokens, you could buy them in wallets, swap on decentralized exchanges like DeDust or STON.fi, or bridge from other networks.

Put tokens into a liquidity pool

Put both TON and project’s tokens into the liquidity pool. Depending on the project you’ve picked, the pool will be on DeDust or STON.fi — decentralized exchanges on TON.

Monitor your positions

Reward amounts may change quickly. Due to market volatility, you can incur an impermanent loss when the value of one side of your position changes.

Claim your rewards

As you start providing liquidity, you will earn rewards in Toncoin and project tokens. The larger your share of the pool, the larger your rewards.

Start now

Ready to try? Start with selecting a project or find your pool on DeDust or STON.fi

The Open League Battles

Every season, TON projects compete for top performance to win part of the huge prize pool.

March 4 — April 1
Beta Season

$2,800,000 in TON

April 1 — May 1
Season 1

$3,275,000 in TON

May 1 — May 15
Season 2

$1,000,000 in TON

May 15 — May 29
Season 3

$1,000,000 in TON

June 12 — June 26
Season 4

$1,200,000 in TON

July 10 — August 7
Season 5

$1,150,000 in TON

August 7 — September 4

Stay tuned, it's going to be epic!

September 4 — October 2
Season 6

Details on the prize pool are coming soon

October 2 — October 16

Stay tuned, it's going to be epic!

October 16 — November 13
Season 7

Details on the prize pool are coming soon

November 13 — November 27

Stay tuned, it's going to be epic!

November 27 — December 24
Season 8

Details on the prize pool are coming soon

December 24 — January 15

Stay tuned, it's going to be epic!

From January 2025
Next seasons

Even more opportunities for TON teams and users

Public Leaderboards

The top-performing projects of the public leaderboards share prizes in toncoin. Season 5 starts at 11:00 UTC July 10 and ends at 11:00 UTC August 7.

Rules of Conduct

Token Battle

$500,000 prize pool in TON for Season 5. This is not investment advice. Do by your own risk.




Start TVL


TVL Change


Price Change


New Holders


TVL Class




App Battle

$500,000 prize pool in TON for Season 5.






New Token Holders


TG users


TG users






NFT Battle


Trading volume


DeFi Battle

$150,000 prize pool in TON for Season 5.




Counted TVL Change


Total TVL Change


Total TVL



The projects involved in The Open League operate independently from the TON Foundation and are neither owned nor controlled by the TON Foundation.

Users who engage with these initiatives do so entirely at their own risk and must follow the terms and conditions (T&Cs) established by each individual project.

TON Foundation neither endorses nor recommends any particular product. Users are advised to perform their own research and exercise caution before interacting with any product.

Users are solely responsible for their decisions and actions, assuming all risks associated with utilizing these products.

It is important for users to recognize that DeFi involves significant financial risks, including the possibility of total asset loss.

TON Foundation denies any liability for losses that users may experience through their use of these products.

Users must adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, or restrictions governing their use of these projects.

The information provided on this website and other TON Foundation platforms (social media, official blog, etc.) is intended for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as financial advice. Users should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Explore the opportunities to become a part of The Open League

Explore The Open League Hackathon

Meet the participants and monitor the final results

Launch a memecoin and join The Open League Battle

The Open League for DeFi builders

Within The Open League initiative, TON Foundation is happy to announce a new DeFi Target Grants Program aimed at enriching the current DeFi landscape on TON Blockchain.

Up to $300K

per project in user incentives

Up to $200K

per team in grants


total additional rewards in The Open League

Since the start of The Open League, TON DeFi is booming




Unique token holders


Daily Trading Volume

We are looking for new innovative solutions

TON already boasts strong and successful DeFi protocols.You can join this list.

Examples of what we are we looking for

Lending protocols
Derivatives DEXs
DEXs with weighted pool
Yield aggregators
Liquidity layers
And more...

The larger your DeFi product or experience — the larger the support

Thresholds are indicative and are subject to change.

Tier 1

— TVL > $300M — up to $200k in grant support — $300K in pre-committed rewards for protocol users — $20K in Telegram ads credits

Tier 2

— TVL > $100M — up to $150k in grant support — $150K in pre-committed rewards for protocol users — $15K in Telegram ads credits

Tier 3

— TVL > $50M — up to $75k in grant support — $50K in pre-committed rewards for protocol users — $10K in Telegram ads credits

Tier 4

— For experienced DeFi teams with a new product idea — up to $30K in grant — $20K in pre-committed rewards for protocol users — $5K in Telegram ads credits

Your journey on TON

1. Explore TON technical specifics and draft a plan

2. Submit your application on our official Grants Portal

3. Get approval, start the development and get access to the 900M Telegram audience

4. Secure technical assistance & marketing support along the way

5. Go live and join The Open League

Compete for a large prize pool with other TON teams and secure up to $300K rewards for your users.

Contact us at [email protected] for any inqiuiry

Airdrops for community

Airdrops have become an essential part of The Open League as an additional tool to reward the most active members of the TON community.

Airdrops calendar

The calendar below showcases the main performed and upcoming airdrop activities with a detailed description of eligibility criteria and wallet score calculation.

Attention is the key: follow the relevant updates on TON Community accounts at Telegram and Twitter to keep an eye on the hints and clues.

HintDateAirdrop sizeBeneficiaries, eligibility criteria
🦄28.03.2024200,000 TONDEX traders
🐸🐾11.04.2024300,000 TONMemecoin traders
🖼️ 25.04.2024105,600 TONNFT traders
🎮 🪙 🖼️09.05.2024120,990 TONGaming tokens & NFT traders

Other campaigns

Below you can find some other reward campaigns for the most active communities of The Open League.

March, 11, 2024
TON Raffles win Toncoin airdrop after impressive user growth!
March, 12, 2024
TAP Fantasy holders airdrop and vote for the next Open League project
April, 24, 2024
​$120,000 Airdrop for $ANON and $JVT communities
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