DeFi Liquidity Incentive Program

A new and fairer liquidity program designed to bootstrap the DeFi ecosystem on The Open Network.

What is the DeFi Liquidity Incentive Program?

We designed The Open Network as a versatile infrastructure for a sustainable and widely accessible Dapp ecosystem. With DeFi standing at the forefront of TON’s ecosystem development, we recognize the need for liquidity funding to ensure TON’s DeFi functionality. The program aims to achieve organic sustainability within the DeFi space inside the TON Ecosystem.

How does the program work, and who can apply?

The new DeFi Liquidity Incentive Program introduces a comprehensive set of qualification criteria to identify projects that align with the goals of sustainable growth and user-centric development.

These criteria include
  • Innovativeness of the project: Projects that bring novel ideas and technological advancements to the DeFi ecosystem will be prioritized.
  • Business plan: Projects must outline a clear strategy for utilizing the funds to drive growth and enhance user experience. A well-defined plan increases the chances of qualifying for the incentive.
  • Significance in the TON ecosystem: The project's impact on the TON ecosystem and its potential to contribute to its overall development will be evaluated.
  • Trackability of fund utilization: Projects need to propose a plan for the Ton Foundation to effectively monitor the utilization of funds, ensuring they are reinvested to drive user growth and transactions.

Funding and Progression Mechanism

The new DeFi Liquidity Incentive Program follows a progressive, milestone-based approach to funding projects. Once a project qualifies for the scheme and the TON Foundation accepts its plan, it receives an initial sum of money. Additional funds may be granted based on the successful utilization of the initial funds and project growth.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and milestones should be quantifiable, reflecting an increase in Daily Active Users (DAUs), Monthly Active Users (MAUs), TVL, or transactions. By focusing on achieving these milestones, projects will demonstrate their commitment to sustainable growth and user engagement.

Register Your DeFi Project

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Questions & Answers

Below, you will find the most frequently asked questions.
How and when is the funding distributed?

Once the TON Foundation has had a chance to review the business plan on how a project intends to use the funds and finds it satisfactory, the funding will be distributed accordingly.

How do you review the applicants' performance?

Key Performance indicators will be discussed as well as agreed between the foundation and the project before the funds are distributed. Key performance indicators should be quantitative in nature and should be not only achievable but aligned with what the foundation is trying to achieve.

Can I lose the funding if my project’s performance drops?

The business plan submitted by the project should be broken down into milestones and tied to the funding, a project might not be able to get the full amount of funding that has been agreed upon if they fall short of the intended achievable milestones.

Can I apply again later if my first application gets rejected?

Projects are welcome to apply again if they amend the originally submitted business plan.